Op dit moment hebben wij een openstaande vacature. Denk je dat je buiten deze vacature past bij Health Hub Roden, laat dan geheel vrijblijvend je CV en brief met motivatie achter t.a.v. Jan Degenhart. Je kunt dit mailen naar

ISD Noordenkwartier
Een van de doelstellingen van de Health Hub Roden is om mensen met afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt een kans te geven om te re-integreren. Om dit te realiseren is Health Hub Roden een samenwerking aangegaan met ISD Noordenkwartier. Daarom verwijzen we je graag door naar hun website.

Intern international communication
Health Hub Roden is already pretty well known in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Because of that, we are currently looking for an international communication Intern to advise us on how to act in the international market. Should we communicate internationally? And how should we do this? Are there other initiatives like Health Hub Roden we can learn from communication-wise? Questions you have to advise us on!

What do we offer you?

  • Dynamic working space
  • Network of different kinds of companies
  • Flat hierarchy
  • A great working atmosphere within a small team
  • Good coffee
  • 150 euros per month

Desired skills

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Creative mindset, turn problems into opportunities
  • Likes growing environment, creating new ideas & future focus
  • Being able to work independently
  • Flexibility


  • Please send your CV & letter to Albertine Vledder (
  • Starting date as soon as possible
  • It will be considered a plus if you provide links to your social accounts to demonstrate interest and knowledge

    We are located in Roden, 15 minutes by bus from de main station in Groningen.