Miniature Fluorescence Lab on a Chip

In this project we want to miniaturize this prototype and measure in multiple channels the individual fluorescence of each channel simultaneously. The goal is to create a prototype with a dynamic flow instead of static.

A florescent prototype has been developed using standard cuvettes, light-filters, photodiodes and LEDs.

Overall Challenges
A disposable lab-on-a-chip will be produced in which a fluid can be automatically administered, mixed, and fed through a complex system of channels in which a biochemical reaction takes place that we can measure using its fluorescent properties. A LED will excite the fluorescent labels in several channels placed closely together. Exhibited light has to be filtered and measured per individual channel (this is big challenge as they are close together). The resulting signal will be presented to the user.

The channels can be masked using mat black paint, or the light can be redirected using mirrors, glass fibers or other methods. A CMOS camera (or equivalent) can also be used if the light levels permit this. The sample to be detected can be administered using a standard syringe. For mixing the analyzed fluid and a reactant, the Venturi effect can be applied.

Relevant Partners
Feldbrugge Prototyping
De Haan Consultancy
Health Hub Roden