Compression Stocking project

The patient is an older woman who should wear compression stockings to prevent fluid from building up in her lower leg. The patient has difficulties putting on the stockings, due to rheumatic arthritis in her fingers. The patient is also unable to reach bellow her knees.

The trouble for the patient is that putting on and taking off the stocking by herself is not really doable. Normally one would put it on by first rolling up the stocking, putting ones foot in and then slowly role up the stocking up the leg. But due to the arthritis in her fingers the patient is not able to do this procedure. She also cannot bend her ankles.  Therefore, the patient now needs help to put on and take off the stocking, this is severely limiting to the patients freedom and independency.

The goal of the project is to make a device which will enable the patient to put on her stockings and to take the stockings off without extra assistance.

The students are currently working on a prototype.

Relevant Partners
Beatrix Oord
Health Hub Roden