Health Hub Roden

Health Hub Roden (the Netherlands) is a unique learning organisation in the North of the Netherlands that brings together different parties, such as knowledge institutes, businesses and government bodies, to cooperate, share knowledge, develop and seek innovative solutions in the area of medical technology and healthy ageing.

Health Hub Roden was set up to keep the available specialised knowledge and expertise regarding medical technology in the region; it is open to a range of organisations and is not limited by national borders. Health Hub Roden is for parties that wish to work together on progress and embedding knowledge, and on the training and continuous professional development of their personnel. This broad outlook also creates opportunities for businesses that do not operate in this sector. 
Health Hub Roden has many partners already.

Knowledge institutes
Health Hub Roden provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. This enables them to develop important skills required for their future area of work. Tutors-teachers gain experience they apply in the educational institutes.

Businesses can come to us with research questions that fall within the operational sphere of the Health Hub - healthy ageing and medical technology. Roden's students and tutors start looking for innovative solutions, whilst businesses share their knowledge with the researchers. It goes without saying that we encourage fruitful alliances between the businesses involved.

Health Hub Roden offers opportunities for the labour market. Health Hub Roden provides direct employment and stimulates the incorporation of new companies and attracts other businesses too. Health Hub Roden provides opportunities for people who struggle to acces the labour market by creating work experience places.

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Hanze University of Applied Sciences is the lead agency of Health Hub Roden.